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Somali president’s son involved in fatal Istanbul traffic accident



In a shocking turn of events, the son of Somali President Hasan Sheikh Mohamud finds himself at the center of a tragic incident that has rocked Istanbul. Reports from Turkish media reveal that Mohamed Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was involved in a traffic accident that claimed the life of motorcycle courier Yunus Emre Göçer.

The heart-wrenching incident took place on November 30 near the Aksaray exit of the Eurasia Tunnel. It was a moment that forever changed the lives of those involved. Göçer, a dedicated motorcycle courier, was simply trying to stop on Kennedy Avenue when he suddenly became the victim of Mohamud’s appalling actions. Behind the wheel of a car registered to the Somali Consulate, Mohamud mercilessly rear-ended Göçer, inflicting catastrophic injuries upon him.

The days that followed were filled with pain and anguish as Göçer fought for his life at Istanbul Training and Research Hospital. Sadly, his valiant battle came to a tragic end when he succumbed to his injuries six days later. The loss of this devoted father and hardworking professional has sent shockwaves through the community.

Initial police reports painted a false narrative, suggesting that Göçer had somehow lost control of his motorcycle. But the truth, as captured by security footage, emerged later. It was a horrifying revelation that Mohamud’s vehicle had struck Göçer from behind, shattering the initial account. It’s an injustice that cannot be ignored. Despite this damning evidence, Mohamud was able to secure his release after providing a mere statement to the authorities. Such preferential treatment has rightly raised eyebrows among the friends and family of the victim.

Yusuf Özsoy, a close friend of Göçer, voiced his enraged frustration over the handling of the case. And he is not alone in his indignation. Prominent lawyer Iyaz Çimen, during an interview with Cumhuriyet, passionately denounced the inaccuracies in the official police report. He also pointed out the harrowing possibility that diplomatic immunity may be interfering with the pursuit of justice.

The grief-stricken community came together to bid farewell to Göçer, a cherished father survived by his two children. A funeral procession at Gümüşsuyu Cemevi served as a powerful demonstration of solidarity among his fellow motorcyclists. As the days unfold, a resounding call for a transparent investigation and fair legal proceedings echoes throughout the city. It is a call made in honor of Göçer’s memory and in a relentless pursuit for justice. The world watches as this gripping case enters a new chapter, one that will define the fight against inequality and demand accountability.

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