Inside the secret complex making high-tech gadgets for UK spies



Hidden behind five rings of barbed wire in a park just outside Milton Keynes lies no ordinary manufacturing workshop. It has never opened its doors to the media in its 85-year history – until now.

The reason for the tight security? These objects are made for the UK’s spies and help to disguise their work.

With the BBC given exclusive access to its sprawling facility, our phones have to be handed in and security staff accompany us at all times.

We get a glimpse – but not much more – of what goes on inside as HMGCC seeks to build new partnerships to stay ahead in the spy game.

“We’ve made it really difficult for people to connect with us and that, through our history, has been a really good way of working,” explains CEO George Williamson.

But he says it is now time to change – even if that does feel “strange”.


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