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Urgent Call for Legislation to Protect the Honor of Somaliland’s Founding Fathers



Open Letter to the Somaliland Parliament

Dear Honorable Members of the Somaliland Parliament,

I write to you today with a matter of utmost importance that affects the very fabric of our nation. The sacrifices and contributions of the Somaliland National Movement (SNM) mujahedeen, who fought bravely for the freedom and security we enjoy today, must be honored and protected by our laws. Among these heroic individuals, the current President of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, and the Minister of Interior, Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, stand as the foremost founding fathers of our nation.

Lately, there has been a disturbing trend of young individuals, claiming to be politicians, disrespecting and insulting these esteemed figures. Such actions not only tarnish the legacy of our freedom fighters but also threaten the unity and stability of Somaliland.

I urge you, the esteemed members of the Somaliland Parliament, to take swift and decisive action by enacting a law that criminalizes any form of insult or defamation against the SNM mujahedeen. This law should mandate strict penalties for those who dare to dishonor the heroes who sacrificed so much for our nation’s independence.

The freedom and security we cherish in Somaliland today were hard-earned through the blood, sweat, and tears of these brave individuals. It is our collective duty to ensure that their legacy is preserved and respected. By implementing this law, we will send a clear message that Somaliland values and honors its founding fathers and will not tolerate any attempts to undermine their contributions.

Failure to enact such legislation may result in unrest, as the descendants of these heroic figures may feel compelled to defend their honor through unlawful means. It is our responsibility to prevent such outcomes by providing a legal framework that upholds justice and respect for those who have given us the gift of freedom.

I implore you to act swiftly and decisively. Protect the honor of our founding fathers and ensure that their legacy remains untarnished for generations to come. The future of Somaliland depends on the actions we take today to safeguard our past.

Thank you for your attention to this critical matter.



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Embracing the Underdog Spirit: A Call for Abdulahi Darawal and All Those Denied



Defying Odds, Challenging Expectations, and Seizing Dreams in Somaliland’s Political Arena


To those who have known the sting of rejection, the weight of discrimination, and the agony of being denied a seat at the table, this message is for you. It’s for the fighters, the dreamers, and the relentless souls who refuse to be confined by society’s limitations. Today, we stand with Abdulahi IIman Darawal, the embodiment of resilience and determination, as he charts a path forward despite the obstacles in his way.

Abdulahi IIman Darawal, the chairman of the Horseed political party, has faced a relentless barrage of discrimination since 2012. But his journey is not defined by the setbacks he has encountered; rather, it is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the underdog, the unwavering belief that greatness can be achieved against all odds.

For those who have been written off, misunderstood, and told they wouldn’t make it, Darawal’s story serves as a beacon of hope. It’s a reminder that adversity is not a barrier to success but a catalyst for greatness. In the face of doubt and fear, Darawal has remained steadfast in his pursuit of a better future for Somaliland.

As an underdog, Darawal has been told he’s not enough, that he’s too small, too slow, too inexperienced. But therein lies the beauty of being an underdog – there’s nothing to lose, only everything to gain. Every setback, every rejection, fuels the fire within, propelling Darawal forward on his quest for change.

The underdog mentality is not a disadvantage; it’s a source of strength. It’s about turning setbacks into fuel, using adversity as a stepping stone to greatness. Darawal’s journey mirrors that of some of the most successful individuals in the world – those who started from nothing, overlooked and underestimated, but rose to the top through sheer determination and resilience.

In the face of discrimination and adversity, Darawal stands tall, armed with nothing but his dreams and his unwavering determination. He refuses to let setbacks define him, to let others’ opinions shape his reality. Instead, he harnesses the power of the underdog mentality – the hunger, the drive, the willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve his dreams.

To Abdulahi IIman Darawal and all those who have been overlooked, underestimated, and counted out, remember this: the underdog always has the advantage because they’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. It’s time to embrace the underdog mentality, to climb that hill, to prove everyone wrong, and to show the world what you’re made of.

In the face of adversity, in the face of everyone who said you couldn’t, arm yourself with the underdog spirit and unleash your full potential. Abdulahi IIman Darawal, and all those denied, the time is now to seize your dreams, defy expectations, and write your own destiny. The world is waiting – go out there and claim what’s rightfully yours.

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