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Welcome to WARYATV, your trusted source for reliable and insightful journalism, founded in March 2005 by Kasim Abdulkadir, a seasoned journalist with a background in Swedish public service radio and TV, including SVT and SR. As a journalist and researcher, Kasim brings a wealth of experience to our platform, ensuring that our articles are informative, thought-provoking, and meticulously researched.

At WARYATV, we are dedicated to unlocking the knowledge of experts for the public good. Our mission is to provide trustworthy articles covering a wide range of topics, from policy and science to health, economics, education, history, and ethics. We also offer in-depth analysis of major global events, offering perspectives that go beyond the surface level.

In today’s media landscape, trust in traditional sources has waned, and uninformed voices often dominate public discourse. That’s why Kasim Abdulkadir and our team are committed to being part of the solution. Kasim’s analysis process is deliberate and collaborative, ensuring that we highlight the voices of true experts and make their knowledge accessible to everyone.

We closely monitor the news environment, identify pressing issues, and engage leading scholars across academia to share their expertise with our audience. We believe that informed discourse is essential for a healthy democracy, and we are grateful for the support of foundations, universities, and readers like you who make our work possible.

If you value Kasim’s analysis and our commitment to quality journalism, we invite you to consider donating to support our mission. Thank you for being part of the WARYATV community. Together, we can promote informed discourse and contribute to a better-informed society.

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