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Iranian President and Foreign Minister Die in Helicopter Crash



In a tragic turn of events, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian were discovered dead at the site of a helicopter crash in northwestern Iran. State media reported that the crash occurred near Varzaqan in East Azerbaijan province due to adverse weather conditions.

The helicopter was returning from a meeting with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, where the officials had participated in the inauguration of a dam project. Aliyev expressed his profound sorrow and offered prayers and assistance, highlighting the close ties between the two nations.

Global leaders extended their condolences, with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif declaring a day of mourning, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressing shock and solidarity with Iran. Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani and UAE President bin Zayed Al Nahyan also conveyed their condolences.

According to Iran’s constitution, Vice President Mohammad Mokhber will temporarily assume presidential duties until a new election is held within 50 days. Raisi, seen as a potential successor to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, was elected in 2021 amid a contentious election process.

This tragedy has cast a pall over Iran, with the nation mourning the loss of its top leaders and pondering the future political implications.


Urgent Call for Legislation to Protect the Honor of Somaliland’s Founding Fathers



Open Letter to the Somaliland Parliament

Dear Honorable Members of the Somaliland Parliament,

I write to you today with a matter of utmost importance that affects the very fabric of our nation. The sacrifices and contributions of the Somaliland National Movement (SNM) mujahedeen, who fought bravely for the freedom and security we enjoy today, must be honored and protected by our laws. Among these heroic individuals, the current President of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, and the Minister of Interior, Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, stand as the foremost founding fathers of our nation.

Lately, there has been a disturbing trend of young individuals, claiming to be politicians, disrespecting and insulting these esteemed figures. Such actions not only tarnish the legacy of our freedom fighters but also threaten the unity and stability of Somaliland.

I urge you, the esteemed members of the Somaliland Parliament, to take swift and decisive action by enacting a law that criminalizes any form of insult or defamation against the SNM mujahedeen. This law should mandate strict penalties for those who dare to dishonor the heroes who sacrificed so much for our nation’s independence.

The freedom and security we cherish in Somaliland today were hard-earned through the blood, sweat, and tears of these brave individuals. It is our collective duty to ensure that their legacy is preserved and respected. By implementing this law, we will send a clear message that Somaliland values and honors its founding fathers and will not tolerate any attempts to undermine their contributions.

Failure to enact such legislation may result in unrest, as the descendants of these heroic figures may feel compelled to defend their honor through unlawful means. It is our responsibility to prevent such outcomes by providing a legal framework that upholds justice and respect for those who have given us the gift of freedom.

I implore you to act swiftly and decisively. Protect the honor of our founding fathers and ensure that their legacy remains untarnished for generations to come. The future of Somaliland depends on the actions we take today to safeguard our past.

Thank you for your attention to this critical matter.



Political Warfare: The Waddani Party’s Systematic Demonization of President Muse Bihi

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Suspect Identified in Minneapolis Mass Shooting: Officer and Civilian Dead



Mustafa Ahmed Mohamed Named as Gunman in Deadly Ambush That Killed Officer Jamal Mitchell and Civilian Osman Said Jimale

Minneapolis — Mustafa Ahmed Mohamed has been identified by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s office as the suspect behind Thursday’s mass shooting in south Minneapolis, which resulted in the deaths of Officer Jamal Mitchell and civilian Osman Said Jimale.

The tragic incident began around 5:20 p.m. when Minneapolis police responded to a double shooting report at an apartment complex in the Whittier neighborhood. Officer Jamal Mitchell, 36, one of the first to arrive while on a mandated overtime shift, was ambushed and fatally shot by Mohamed. The assailant, who had a history of violent crime and outstanding warrants, was killed in a subsequent shootout with police.

The civilian victim, Osman Said Jimale, 32, was found with multiple gunshot wounds in Apartment 18 at 2221 Blaisdell Avenue. The chaotic scene also resulted in injuries to a second police officer, a firefighter, a bystander, and another individual.

Details of the Incident

The sequence of events leading to the shootout began with Mohamed shooting Jimale and critically injuring another person inside the apartment. Witnesses reported multiple gunshots, and a resident, Reuben Molina, described hearing four or five shots from an apartment below. Molina witnessed two men leaving the complex before more gunfire erupted.

Cory Jones, a bystander, recorded the aftermath as he saw officers huddled behind a fire truck and heard at least 11 gunshots. Officer Mitchell, attempting to provide aid, was ambushed and killed by Mohamed. The attack was captured on Mitchell’s body-worn camera, although the footage has not been released publicly.

Mohamed’s Criminal History

Court documents reveal Mohamed’s extensive criminal record, including convictions for first-degree burglary, third-degree burglary, and first-degree tampering with a motor vehicle. In 2013, he was indicted for being a felon in possession of ammunition and a firearm. In a related 2014 incident, Mohamed was found with a handgun magazine and a folding knife, leading to the discovery of a hidden nine-millimeter handgun.

Community and Official Reactions

The Whittier neighborhood, known for its diversity and vibrant community life, was deeply shocked by the incident. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and Governor Tim Walz expressed their sorrow and called for a thorough investigation. “The city of Minneapolis lost a hero in police officer Jamal Mitchell,” Frey said. “This officer gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect and save the lives of others.”

Governor Walz emphasized the need for a commitment to public safety, stating, “The trauma quickly should turn to anger and a commitment that this cannot happen.”

Officer Mitchell, a father and engaged to be married, had been with the department for 18 months and was recognized for his bravery and dedication. Memorials have begun to appear in his honor as the community mourns his loss.

The BCA is leading the investigation to uncover the motives behind the shootings and the connections between the involved individuals. While it is believed that Mohamed knew the victims in the apartment, the exact nature of their relationship remains unclear.

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Tens of Billions in Gold Illegally Flow Out of Africa Annually



DAKAR, SENEGAL — A recent report highlights a significant issue of gold smuggling out of Africa, revealing that tens of billions of dollars worth of gold are illegally exported each year, primarily to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This gold is refined and sold globally, posing severe challenges to transparency and ethical sourcing in the gold industry.

In 2022 alone, over $30 billion worth of gold, or more than 435 metric tons, was illicitly exported from Africa, according to a report by Swissaid, a Swiss aid and development organization. The primary destinations for this smuggled gold were the UAE, Turkey, and Switzerland.

The report by Swissaid provides a detailed analysis of the gold smuggling issue, indicating that between 32% and 41% of Africa’s gold production went undeclared in 2022. Ghana emerged as the largest gold producer on the continent, followed by Mali and South Africa. The report estimates that the UAE received about 405 metric tons of undeclared gold from Africa in 2022 alone. Over the decade from 2012 to 2022, this figure reached approximately 2,569 metric tons, valued at around $115 billion.

The gap between the UAE’s recorded gold imports and the reported exports from African countries has widened significantly, suggesting an increase in smuggling activities. For instance, the discrepancy grew from 234 metric tons in 2020 to 405 metric tons in 2022.

Switzerland, another major destination for African gold, imported about 21 metric tons of undeclared gold in 2022. The actual amount could be much higher, considering gold that is imported through third countries. Once refined, it becomes nearly impossible to trace the gold back to its original source.

The United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database highlights Switzerland as the main buyer of gold from the UAE, emphasizing the difficulties in verifying the origins of refined gold. “Sourcing gold from the UAE is notoriously risky,” the report states, underscoring the complexities in ensuring ethical gold sourcing.

The UAE government asserts that it has implemented significant measures to address gold smuggling and the associated risks. An official from the UAE government’s media office emphasized the country’s commitment to combating gold smuggling and ensuring transparency and accountability within its gold and precious metals sector.

Similarly, the Swiss government has acknowledged the challenges in identifying the origins of gold and has introduced measures to prevent illegal gold flows. Fabian Maienfisch, a spokesperson for Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, reiterated the country’s commitment to improving traceability, transparency, and control quality.

The illegal export of gold from Africa to countries like the UAE, Turkey, and Switzerland represents a massive loss of revenue for African nations and undermines efforts to establish ethical and transparent supply chains. The recommendations provided by Swissaid aim to address these issues and improve the living and working conditions of local populations and artisanal miners in Africa. However, significant challenges remain in ensuring that gold sourced from Africa meets international standards for ethical trade.

This report serves as a call to action for both African and non-African states to take decisive steps in curbing gold smuggling and promoting responsible mining practices. As the global demand for gold continues to grow, addressing these issues is crucial for sustainable and ethical economic development in Africa.

Source: The data and insights for this article are derived from the Swissaid report and statements from officials in the UAE and Switzerland.

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Attempted Coup in DRC Foiled, Involving US Citizens



DRC Army Neutralizes Coup Leader Christian Malanga, Arrests 50 Including Three Americans

In a dramatic turn of events, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) thwarted an attempted coup early Sunday morning, resulting in the death of the coup leader, Christian Malanga, and the arrest of approximately 50 individuals, including three American citizens. Gunfire erupted around 4 a.m. in Kinshasa, with armed men targeting the presidency and the home of Vital Kamerhe, a key political figure.

Malanga, a US-based Congolese politician, had previously attempted a coup in 2017. During this recent attempt, Malanga was killed during the assault on the Palais de la Nation, and one of the arrested Americans was identified as his son. The attackers’ motives were articulated in a live-streamed video on a Facebook page linked to Malanga, where he expressed frustration with the current government led by President Tshisekedi and Kamerhe.

In a concerning development, a shell fired from Kinshasa landed in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, causing injuries and highlighting the regional instability stemming from the failed coup.

US Ambassador Lucy Tamlyn expressed deep concern over the involvement of American citizens and pledged full cooperation with DRC authorities to investigate and hold accountable those responsible.

UN’s stabilization mission in the DRC, led by Bintou Keita, condemned the coup attempt and offered support to the Congolese government.

President Tshisekedi, who was re-elected in December and is yet to finalize his government, postponed the parliamentary election scheduled for Saturday, adding to the country’s political tension. Vital Kamerhe, a prominent figure and potential speaker of parliament, was also targeted in the attacks.

The situation remains tense as the DRC navigates the aftermath of the coup attempt, grappling with internal and regional security challenges while striving for political stability and governance.

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G7 Aid to Somalia Sparks Controversy Amidst Somaliland Recognition Debate



By Kasim Abdulkadir:

The Inequity: Somaliland’s Struggle for Recognition Amidst Western Neglect

Somalia’s battle against Al Shabaab receives a fresh injection of funds, with the European Union approving €116 million ($117 million) for stabilization efforts, primarily aimed at the Somali National Army. In parallel, the UK contributes $2.8 million to the UN Support Office in Somalia to combat extremism.

However, glaringly absent from these aid initiatives is Somaliland, underscoring the stark contrast in treatment between Somalia and Somaliland.

Despite being excluded from international aid efforts, Somaliland forges ahead with plans for the 2024 elections, reaffirming its commitment to democratic governance amidst the ongoing turmoil in the region.

This disparity in support lays bare the hypocrisy of Western powers, who claim to champion democracy and self-determination while turning a blind eye to Somaliland’s legitimate aspirations for statehood.

Somaliland’s Quest for Recognition:

Somaliland has long sought international recognition as an independent state, backed by its stability, functioning governance structures, and democratic credentials. However, its efforts have been stymied by a lack of strategic diplomacy and meaningful support from key stakeholders. While the recent MoU with Ethiopia was hailed as a potential breakthrough, Somaliland’s diplomatic missteps and unilateral actions have hindered its progress on the global stage, perpetuating its status as an unrecognized territory.

Ethiopia’s Strategic Calculations:

Ethiopia’s embrace of Somaliland must be viewed through the lens of its own strategic interests and regional ambitions. By forging closer ties with Somaliland, Ethiopia seeks to access the Red Sea through its ports, diversify its trade routes, and counterbalance its fraught relationship with Somalia.

However, Ethiopia’s unilateral actions have exacerbated tensions in the region, further destabilizing an already volatile landscape.

The G7’s Hypocrisy:

The G7 nations find themselves in a moral quagmire, espousing principles of democracy and self-determination while tacitly endorsing Somalia’s corrupt and ineffectual government. Their reluctance to support Somaliland’s quest for recognition underscores their complicity in perpetuating the status quo, prioritizing geopolitical interests over democratic ideals.

Their call for dialogue and restraint rings hollow in the face of Somaliland’s legitimate grievances and aspirations for self-determination.

Somaliland’s Resilience:

Despite facing neglect and indifference from the international community, Somaliland remains undeterred in its pursuit of recognition and self-governance. As it navigates the complexities of geopolitics, Somaliland must prioritize strategic diplomacy and cultivate meaningful alliances to advance its cause on the world stage.

By demonstrating its capacity to govern effectively and responsibly, Somaliland can challenge the status quo and pave the way for a brighter future for its people.

In conclusion, the plight of Somaliland serves as a stark reminder of the hypocrisy and double standards of Western powers, who claim to champion democracy and human rights while perpetuating injustice and inequality in the Horn of Africa. As Somaliland charts its path forward, it must continue to assert its sovereignty and demand the recognition it deserves, holding the international community accountable for its complicity in perpetuating its marginalization.

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Hanjabaadaha Nukliyeerka ee Putin iyo Khatarta Ku Xeeran



Iyadoo ay sii xumaaneyso xiisada u dhaxeysa Ruushka iyo reer galbeedka, ayaa waxaa qeylo dhaan ka soo yeertay caalamka oo dhan, hadal uu dhawaan jeediyay madaxweynaha Ruushka Vladamir Putin ee ku saabsanaa in diyaaradaha F-16 ay qaadi karaan hubka Nukliyeerka ah. Waqtiga ay dadaallada diblumaasiyadeed ay muhiim u yihiin ilaalinta xasilloonida, hadalada Putin ayaa kaliya u adeegaya inay sii xumeeyaan xaalad markii horeba kacsanayd.

Caddaynta Putin ee ah in joogitaanka F-16-yada nukliyeerka ku hubaysan aanay waxba ka beddeli doonin ma aha oo kaliya hanjabaad laakiin waa khatar aan si hawl yar loo marin habaabin karin.

Hadaladan oo kale ayaa kor u qaadaya halista ay xaaladdu leedahay waxayna wiiqaysaa dadaallada lagu horumarinayo wada-hadallada iyo daminta colaadda. Halkii laga dejin lahaa xiisadda, hadalka Putin wuxuu gacan ka geysanayaa jawi aan la hubin iyo cabsi.

Rajada laga qabo hubka nukliyeerka ee ku jira gacanta diyaaradaha dagaalka ayaa sare u qaadaya khatarta xisaabinta khaldan iyo kororka aan loo baahnayn.

Xaalad xiisadeed, joogitaanka diyaaradaha hubka nukliyeerka ahi waxay horseedi karaan go’aanno degdeg ah waxayna kordhin karaan suurtogalnimada isku dhac masiibo ah.

Waxaa lama huraan ah in dhammaan dhinacyada ay khuseyso ay is xakameeyaan oo ay ka hormariyaan dublamaasiyadda.

Intaa waxaa dheer, faallooyinka Putin waxay hoosta ka xariiqayaan baahida degdegga ah ee loo qabo dadaallada dib-u-cusbooneysiinta ee lagu xoojinayo tallaabooyinka xakameynta hubka loogana hortagayo fidinta hubka nukliyeerka.

Balaadhinta awoodaha nukliyeerka ee aan la hubin waxay caawinaysaa oo kaliya inay sii khalkhal galiyaan muuqaalka amniga adduunka iyo kordhinta khatarta masiibada nukliyeerka.

Xilli dunidu ay wajaheyso caqabado badan, oo ay ku jiraan masiibada isbeddelka cimilada, waxa ugu dambeeya ee aan u baahanahay waa ku soo noqoshada burburkii xilligii dagaalkii qaboobaa. Halkii ay u adeegsan lahaayeen hanjabaad iyo caga-jugleyn, waa in madaxdu ay si wadajir ah uga shaqeeyaan sidii ay wax uga qaban lahaayeen khataraha la wadaago iyo in la dhiso adduun ammaan ah oo nabad ah oo ay helaan jiilalka mustaqbalka.

Hadalada daandaansiga ah ee Putin waxa ay si weyn u xasuusinayaan khatarta ka iman karta hubka Nukliyeerka iyo baahida degdegga ah ee loo qabo tallaabo caalami ah oo wadajir ah si looga hortago isticmaalkooda.

Waxaa ku waajib ah madaxda caalamka in ay mudnaanta siiyaan dublamaasiyadda oo ay sii wadaan wada-hadallo lagu xallinayo khilaafaadka si nabdoon.

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Maxa ka jira in Turkigu hub ka iibiyay Israa’iil wakhtigan dagaalka Gaza?



Saraakiisha Turkiga ayaa beeniyay warar la daabacay oo ku saabsan in dalkaasi uu hub ka iibiyay Israa’iil inta uu socdo dagaalka Gaza.

Arrintan ayaa timid kadib markii war rasmi ah oo wax dhoofinta ku saabsan oo lagu soo bandhigay baraha bulshada uu dood dhaliyay.

Machadka Tirakoobka Turkiga ee TUIK ayaa liiska hubka ay dibadda u dhoofiyeen bishii January soo bandhigay, waxaana ka mid ahayd walxaha “qarxa, hub iyo rasaas loo dhoofiyay Israa’iil,” taasoo cambaareyn weyn ay ka dhalatay.

TUIK ayaa beenisay wararkii horudhaca ahaa, iyadoo sheegtay in Turkigu uu dhoofiyay qeybo yar oo hubka ka mid ah ee aysan ahayn rasaas iyo agabka dagaalka.

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Waa ayo hoggaamiyeyaasha Xamaas ee ay dooneyso Israel inay disho?



Wasiirka gaashaandhigga Israa’iil Yoav Gallant ayaa shalay wacad ku maray in ciidamadiisu ay baabi’in doonaan hoggaamiyaha Xamaas, Yaxya Sinwar, iyo kuwa kale ee kooxda.

Mar uu shalay khudbad u jeednayay ciidamada dalkaas ee IDF, ayaa wuxuu sheegay in Xamaas laga cirribtiri doono Marinka Qasa.

“Dhammaadka dagaalka Xamaas ma joogi doonto Qasa, wax qalqal ammaan Israa’iil ugama imaan doono Qasa, Israa’iilna xorriyad buuxda ayay u heli doontaa inay howlgallo ammaan ku fuliso cid walba [oo khatar na gelisa],” ayuu yiri wasiirku.

Hadalladiisa ayaa kusoo aadaya xilli Israa’iil ay sii xoojisay howlgalladeeda Qasa, iyadoo beegsatay goobo ay deggan yihiin Xamaas.

Xamaas ayaa ku qaaday Israel mid ka mid ah weeraradii ugu waxyeelada weynaa abid ee loo geysto Israel. Weerarkaas oo galay maalinkii afaraad waxaa ku dhintay dad kor u dhaafaya 1500 oo Israel u dhashay, iyada oo duqeymaha Israel ee Qasa na lagu dilay dad ka badan 700 boqol oo Falastiiniyiin ah.

Weerarrada ay qaadeen ciidamada gaarka ah ee Xamaas ee loo yaqaan Qassaam waxay u muuqdeen kuwa qorshaysan oo dhowr weji leh. Tobaneeyo nin oo hubaysan ayaa u muuqda inay gudaha u galeen Israa’iil iyaga oo ka galay dhanka Konfureed islamarkana ay weerar ku qaadeen ciidamo Israa’iil ah oo halkaasi joogay.

Israel waxay duqeyn aan la joogsi lahayn ku wataa marinka Qasa, iyada sidoo kale biyaha, korontada iyo cuntada, iyo wax walba oo keli oo magaaladan dibeda uga baahan tahay ka xayirtay. Madaxda Israel waxay sheegeen inay ka aargudan doonaan weerarka ay Xamaas ku qaaday iyaga oo bartilmaameydsan doono hoggeemiyeyaasha kooxdaas.

Waa ayo hoggaamiyeyaasha Xamaas ee ay dooneyso Israel inay disho?

Yaxya Sinwar, Hoggaamiyha Xamaas ee Qasa

Ismaaciil Haniyah, hoggaamiyaha Xamaas (midig), iyo Yaxya Sinwar, Hoggaamiyaha Xamaas ee Qasa

Waa ninka koowaad ee sida weyn ay u baadigoobeyso Israel. Yaxya Sinwar waa hoggaamiyaha kooxda Xamaas ee gudaha Qasa, oo ah magaalo xeebeed dhan walba ka go’doonsan oo ay ku nool yihiin dad ka badan labo milyan oo qof oo Falastiiniyiin ah. Waxay Israel ku tilmaamtay in uu yahay hoggaanka weerarka lagu qaaday ee waxyeelada weyn u geystay. Afhayeen u hadlay militiriga Israel Daniel Hagari ayaa ku sheegay in uu agtooda ka yahay ‘nin dhintay’, isaga oo intaas ku daray inay bartilmaameydsan doonaan hoggaanka ciidanka iyo siyaasadda ee Xamaas iyo hantidooda ba.

Yaxya oo ah ninka ugu sarreeya hoggaanka Xamaas ee Qasa waxaa loo arkaa in uu yahay hoggaamiyaha dhabta ah ee kooxda, iyo ninka labaad ee ugu awoodda badan Xamaas kadib Ismaaciil Haniyah, oo ah hoggaamiyaha guud ee kooxda, laakiin dibadjooga ah. Waxa uu ku dhashay xerada Koonfurta marinka Qasa ee qaxootiga Falastiin ee Khan Yunis sanadkii 1962di, isaga oo daraasaadka Carabiga kaga takhasusay Jaamacadda Islaamiga ah ee Qasa. Saddex jeer ayaa la xiray – 1982, 1985 iyo 1988dii. Markii ugu horreysay waxaa la xiray isaga oo jaamacadda dhigta, halkaas oo uu ahaa hoggaamiyaha ardayda.

Waxa uu madax ka noqday qarabka amniga ee Xamaas bartamihii 1980kii, isaga oo masuul ka ahaa dabogalka iyo ciqaabista Falastiiniyiinta ku eedeysan inay la shaqeeyaan Israel. Laakiin waxay Israel xirtay 1988dii isaga oo xabsi ku jiray ilaa 2011, markaas oo uu qeyb ka noqday heshiis maxaabiis isweydaarsi ah oo lagu siidaayay 1000 qof oo Falastiiniyiin ah, iyo Askari Israel oo shan sano u xirnaa Xamaas. Weli waxa uu ku nool yahay xeradii qaxooti ee u uku dhashay ee Khan Yunis. Diyaarada dagaalka ee Israel ayaa duqeeyay gurigiisa intii uu socday weerarka Xamaas, laakiin lama sheegin wax soo gaaray Yaxya Sinwar.

Maxamed Deif, hoggaamiyaha ciidamada gaarka ah ee Xamaas, Qassam

Maxamed Daif

Waa ninka halka labaad uga jira liiska hoggaamiyeyaasha Xamaas ee ay Israel dooneyso inay qaariso. Maxamed Deif waxa uu weerarka ay ciidamadiisu qaadeen ku tilmaamay in uu jawaab u yahay lix iyo tobanka sano ee ay Qasa ku jirto go’doominta, iyo tacadiyada kale ee ay Israel u geysato Falastiiniyiinta. Waxay Falastiiniyiin badan u arkaan libaax iyaga oo ku amaana kaalinta uu ku leeyahay iska-caabinta Israel, laakiin waxa uu marar badan ka badbaaday iskudayo shirqool di loo ay Israel fulineysay.

Waxaa la rumeysan yahay in uu yahay maskaxda ka dambeysa weerarka Xamaas ay sabtidii ku qaaday Israel, oo ay ciidamadiisu gudaha ugu galeen Israel. Tobanaan sano ayuu dagaal kula jiraa Israel, isaga oo ku dhex koray Xamaas oo uu hadda u yahay hoggaamiyaha militariga kooxda.

Waxaa uu labaatan sano kahor ka badbaaday duqeyn circa ah oo ay fuliyeen Israel. Laakiin waxa uu ku waayay gacan iyo lug. Waxa uu sidoo kale ku waayay mid ka mid ah labadiisa il weerar kale. Duqeymaha Israel ayaa 2014kii dilay xaaskiisa iyo ilmo yar oo uu dhalay. Waa maskaxda ka dambeysa farsamada gantaalada Xamaas ee loo yaqaan Qassam, kuwaas oo kumanaan ka mid ah lagu duqeeyay Israel maalmaha uu socda dagaalka, iyo marinada qarsoodiga ah laga jeexay dhulka hoose ee Qasa.

Macnaha neynaastiisa Deif waa ‘marti’, taas oo ay ugu baxday dhaqanka ah in habeen ba uu meel ku baryo isaga oo ay martigelinayaan taageerayaashiisa, si uu uga badbaado baadigoobka iyo duqeymaha Israel.

Abuu Cubeyda, Afhayeenka militariga Xamaas


Waa ninka ku dhawaaqay inay dili doonaan maxaabiista Israel islamarkaas na baahin doono muuqaalo iyo cododka muujiya haddii ay Israel duqeyso deegaanada iyo dhismeyaasha dadka rayidka ah ee Qasa diginin la’aan.

Waa mid ka mid ah hoggaamiyeyaasha ay Israel ugu necebtahay oo ay sida weyn u baadigoobeyso. Waxa uu horey u shaaciyay inay Xamaas qabatay tiro maxaabiis Israel u dhashay, kuwaas oo uu sheegay in lagu hayo goobo ammaan ah oo Qasa ku yaal.

Tan waxay albaabka u furi kartaa xaalad kale oo adag iyo wada hadalo dabo-dheeraan kara oo laga yaabo inay horseedaan maxaabiis isweydaarsi dhexmarta Xamaas iyo Israel.

Ismaaciil Haniyah, hoggaamiyaha Xamaas

Hoggaamiyaha Xamaas, Ismaaciil Haniyah waxa uu degan yahay Qatar

Hoggaamiyaha Xamaas, Ismaaciil Haniyah waxa uu ku nool yahay dibeda Qasa, si gaar ah Qatar. Ma ahan meel ay si fudud u bartilmaameydsan karto Israel.

Muuqaal uu baahiyay xafiiskiisa waxa uu muujinayay isaga oo ku sugan Dooxa, oo u debaaldegaya weerarka ay kooxdiisu ku qaaday Israel.

Waxa uu ugu yeeray weerarka ‘Howlgalka daadka ee Qasa’ isaga oo wacad ku maray inay sii xoojinayaan dagaalka ay doonayaan inay ku ‘xoreeyaan dhulkooda iyo dadkooda ku jira xabsiyada Israel’ sida uu sheegay.

Waxa uu intaa ku daray kooxaha kale ee hubeysan ee Falastiin ay dagaalka ku fidin doonaan Daanta Galbeed iyo Qudus.

Waxa uu horey uga badbaaday iskuday shirqool dil oo ay fulisay Israel, isaga oo ka qaxay Qasa 2016kii isaga oo u guuray Qatar.

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